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humidity is bone dry. very limited weather across the entire eastern half of the u.s. we are in a quiet fall pattern right now and it will make for great fall football weather even though we're technically here in the last day of summer. 70 at kickoff. realize it will get crisper as the game wears on and we take on the bengals. let's head back to the desk. >> well, the city have ready and the fans are tail gadget. >> the ravens have already dedicated this season to hart mow model. players will wear decals and tomorrow art's funeral will be held on the 10th nrs of johnny
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unitas' passing. scott garceau joins us. this is more than a game, right? >> there's something about openers. you only get 16 in the nfl. there's something special about opening night. the fans are excited. the helmets are shiny. this is the 17th year done that, the 15th time in this student yum. we had the first two at m&t bank stadium. the ravens are about a touchdown favorite. remember, the ravens swept this series last year. they won by seven or eight points against the beaning gas and ray rice ran wild against the cincinnati team with four touchdowns in the two games against the bengals in that division clenching game in cincinnati. you note bengals defensive coaches have been talking about ray rice all this week. another thing fans are excited
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about, joe flacco. i think we're going to see a bunch of that. it gives the quarterback more control. joe flacco will be excited. the bengals were 9-0 against a team that didn't make the playoffs. it's a division game. also, you mentioned the art model effect, the man who brought football back will be honored. they will have a month of silence and of course a video tribute to art model. of course art model and pete row zel, the co founders of monday night football. let's get more of a feel for the game as we check in with
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christian schaffer. >> well, we're here live outside of m&t bank stadium. it is a fantastic day. i'm standing east of m&t bank stadium. take a look. everything is ready inside. out here it is pan -- an absolute party. everybody abs out here. some of tell tailgating literally raul day. the 7:00 start time is a little earlier. so people took the whole day off, maybe a half day from work and came down here. i just met a couple of my new friends. this is debbie. she's from carroll county. how long have you been coming out for tailgating. 1996. >> what makes you come back? >> love our ravens. >> recently there was bad news. diagnosed with breast breassments how are you feeling?
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>> good. >> deb birks a lot of people. might call in sick. but you wanted her to still come. how did you make that happen? >> andrea has been my hero. we found out about a month ago about her diagnosis and she has been through her initial surgery and her initial testing before her chemo, and we felt this is where we needed to be. >> you will get an uplifting from the ravens. >> absolutely. go number 20. >> good luck to you thanks very much, guys. even though there are thousands out here tailgating, there's still some uplifting personal stories and how the ravens can affect people's lives. that's what's going on on lot eight. we're live in downtown baltimore right at m&t bank stadium, christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> nice tie, by the way.
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all right. kelly? they take your donations to help those out in need. they also help people find work. tonight goodwill industries is coming under fire for allegedly taking advantage of people with disabilities. >> reporter: more than 100,000 motorists will travel this section of interstate 95 peach day. it's tough to miss the call to boycott goodwill. while the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, crit tinges say good will has low balled people with disabilities. >> goodwill, for example, has paid people as low last 22 -- as 22 cents an hour. >> reporter: the act allows some organizations to pay pennies on the dollar. it's calling on consumers to quit shopping there and for
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people to stop donating items there until this raises those wages. its president and ceo said that would hurt goodwills of the chesapeake, which pays an average of more than $12 an hour and no one makes bloat minimum wage. >> what could potential live hurt goodwill is the fact that if we don't have donations from the public and retail shores coming in our stores, that revenue supports our employment and training programs. >> reporter: those programs help 20,000 people each year and land 2300 of them jobs. still, critics say until they can get the law changed, organizations like goodwill must stop taking advantage of the loopholes, people with disabilities working in their shelter's workshops who deserve to be paid like everyone else. >> at one point women were
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unable to vote, african-americans were three fifth human. we're hoping this will be seen as the same. >> in baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> advocates for better pay said they have asked groups like united cerebral palsy and easter seals to raise wages. many are working for less than a dollar an hour. the i-known 5 will get competition. toys 'r us are coming out with a tablet for kids. we'll tell you what will be on those tablets. a little off the top. we'll continue with why j.c. penney's wants to keep cutting your kid's hair for free.
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?v37tuoĆ³ class size normally drop in september after labor day, but instead they have jumped eight cent as gallon in the past two weeks. latest increases are mostly due
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hurricane isaac. in crude oil prices remain stable, we may not see another increase at the pump over the next two weeks. toys 'r us will start selling a wi-fi enabled tablet for kids. it will cost $149 and come preloaded with different apps, parents will be able to use controls to limit access to specific web silts. you can find them for sell at toys 'r us stores starting october 1st. your child's hair may be look ragged but j.c. penney will offer free haircuts to kids in november. they did a promotion in august cutting the locks off more than 1.6 million kids.
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>> all right. the pom and serks of the conventions are over. now it's back to the campaign trail. republicans enjoyed a bump in the polls. now what are the democrats feeling? >> plus, miley cyrus make headlines. why police were called to the singer's home in los angeles. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland.
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creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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all right. i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. we're look at a crystal clear maryland, nothing on the radar. that's the way we like it for football in town. how about the weather through the day as the tailgaters are headed out to m&t bank stadium. they had some great weather for blue skies, just low humidity, kind of comfortable fall weather we always look forward to in september.
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towson and loch raven tech, a few high thin clouds as we move toward a sun set. bel air partly cloudy skies as well. let's take you back live into the city here. people out and about and the conditions look absolutely great, absolutely wonderful. 74 degrees. the dew point, the mesh about 45, about a 50% drop, about a 40% drop in humidity since saturday. one of the culprits, that northwesterly breeze, helping to usher in cooler drier air. now we're feeling it here in maryland. that northwest breeze will be there all night, and maybe cool by the tame and of the game this evening. satellite radar show as few passing clouds well west of us. the air at the surface extremely dry. this keeps things comfortable, especially by night. you can open the windows and let the cool dry hair flow. out to the west, nada.
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there's nothing on the east coast that's a concern weather wise. we're talking more of the same. big high pressure cell. big dome of sinking air. it stabilizes the weather. dry air continues to funnel. the humid conditions stay bottled up well south of the care line ins. it's more of the same. high pressure cells. tropical satellite view. it's an active open atlantic. a category one hurricane. what's left of leslie, still a significant tropical storm out here, concern for ships trying to cross in the atlantic. it was a close call for bermuda. it's off of the african coast here moving out into the open waters. right now this is not a named storm, not even a named depression. let's get you back lear at o'football forecast, outstanding for the ravens.
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70 at kickoff. clear skies, mild conditions. again just about as good as it gets. we'll be in the 60s. tomorrow 77, sunny skies. it looks great. clear as we cool off plate into the night. the next three days carbon copies, warmer by thursday and into the first part of the weekend a chance for a few showers in here by sunday. now you can't always be with us here at abc2. when you're on the go don't forget or mobile apps and storm shield apps. this is available for droid. head to the google store for that. all right. back to you. now to democracy 2012 news, it's been about three days since the democratic convention wrapped up, but the party is riding high from last week. we go to washington. what kind of lead is the president seeing after last week in charlotte? >> reporter: democrats have been
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wondering will there be a bounce. if so how bismght the new cnnorc poll shows president obama getting 52% from likely vote are apsd mitt romney at 46%. just before the democratic convention, the two were tied. it appears president obama got a four point bump. in comparison mitt romney pulled off a one point jump. paul ryan is focusing on fund-raising. he's in portland. mitt romney -- >> forward is his campaign slow gafnlt i think forewarned is a better term. we know what would happen if he were ree leaked. we've seen more years of high unemployment, more years of
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massive deficits. we're forewarned. that's why we're not going to recollect this man. >> reporter: he called this post convention bounce of the democrats a sugar high and was quick to point out that republicans right now have more cash on hand, something clearly that they feel is a critical point as we move into the last 57 days of the election. >> sense you mentioned cash are they seeing a bump in the president's campaign dollars sense last week. >> reporter: president obama outraised mitt romney in the month of august, $3 million more, but it's still a win for democrats. republicans say not so fast. instead of looking at it this way, look at this much the past three months mitt romney and republicans have raised more than $100 million every single month. whether you want to look at this win for democrats or this win
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for republicans, it mean there's a lot of money going into the campaigns and also going ot for all of these ads that we are see sog frequently. >> thanks for that live report. jamie? the shoshana s. cardin school is the only jewish school in our area. sherrie johnson sits down with david prashker on how the school is making a difference. >> reporter: the shoshana s. cardin school sits stucked way way. david prashker takes over as the school celebrates its tenth year anniversary. prashker has already restructured the school's leadership team and has new programs. >> it's all about growth, building, vision for the school, normal vision, to bring the
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institute tonight community, regardless of the denomination and build a school that really focuses on critical thinking, critical inquiring, on developing young and informed minds. >> reporter: growth and development are top priorities at this jewish high school. the school serves nearly 50 students in ninth through 12 grade. previously they operated separately. now each will be fully integrated under its own dean. it's a leadership and mentoring program that coordinates community projects and intern ships. >> one key aspect of cardin is that we're a college prep school. we work with children, young adults, maybe i should call them, as individuals. we're trying to understand who they are as individuals, what their needs are.
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>> reporter: prashker brings 125 years of -- 25 years of leadership. he hopes his experiences can help interglobal education for students. students are excited with the upcoming year. >> i think we're going in a positive direction and at least personally, i think the change is for the better and i really do think mr. prashker will move us forward. >> reporter: prashker is ready to showcase changes to help take education to the next level. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> there will be two fall hope houses for prospective students. one will be on september 12th and one on november 4th. coming up at 6:00, four local families are mourning tonight after deadly crashes in
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anne arundel county. a vietnam vet said he is one of thousands infected with hepatitis c from a traveling medic. you'll hear his story all new at 6:00. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. so you can clean this mess with half as many sheets. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. why use more when you can use less? bounty. the clean picker upper.
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this is a bizarre frightening incident for miley cyrus. >> an intruder was arrested outside the actress' home.
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police apprehended a 40-year-old man who was carrying a pair of scissors. he was lighting candles. fortunately, she wasn't home at the time of the incident. this is actually the third time she's been targeted. now al pacino will pay paterno. the story of jo p-joe -- joe pa's life needs to be written. al pacino, joe paterno. >> we have a warning about proteching your personal information. scammers who claim they work for the government are trying to steel your money. >> that is coming up right now on abc2 news at six which starts right now. it was just a terrible,
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terrible weekend out there on the roads in anne arundel county. we'll take a look at the sad loss of life in these incidents. a 65-year-old man is the first to come forward claiming he is infected with hepatitis c by a traveling medic. he tells us why he is convinced. >> if a parking lot looks too good to be true, it probably is. four families are in pain from glen burnie to odenton. abc2's don harrison talked with county police who do not believe alcohol or the weather played a role. >> reporter: chief michael cox is referring to three deadly crashes this weekend in recount rowfnlt the first one was saturday morning. the last one happened earlier today. the first

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